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Best Buy Salesforce To Receive New iPads?

Reports that Best Buy was going to present all of its sales employees with an iPad 2 have been talked down by the retailer, though it is considering a number tablets for sales staff to use in stores.

Denying the previous rumours, a Best Buy representative told the Wall Street Journal, “While we plan in the future to supply each store a limited number of handheld devices to use as sales tools when assisting the consumer, we have not made any final decision at this time.”

The US based retailer is considering a variety of tablet devices including Samsung's Galaxy Tab, Motorola's Xoom and the Apple iPad for its employees to use to demonstrate the devices.

Best Buy, which already offers Apple's first generation iPad, said that the devices were being tested under its 'Connected Store' program that will allow customers to get a hands-on experience with the devices. The pilot program is currently being run in selected Best Buy stores across the US.

“We continue to evaluate all handheld devices and platforms, looking for the best solution to aid our employees on the floor,” the Best Buy spokesman added.

The retailer is expected to offer the recently unveiled iPad 2 when it launches in the US on March 11th.