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Google Maps Navigation Adds Real-Time Traffic Analysis

Google has updated the beta version of the Google Maps Navigation app for Android by adding support for real-time traffic information.

Until now the Google navigation tool presented users with the quickest route to a particular destination based on average journey time, but the new update will allow the app to present the quickest route based on real-time traffic conditions.

Google says that the aim is to allow users to reach their destinations as quickly as possible instead of merely presenting users with the quickest way possible. This feature is already available on popular in-car navigation systems like TomTom but the significant difference is that Google now offers this function for free.

The company said in a post on the Google Mobile Blog that the app has also been updated to study historical traffic data when providing users with the quickest traffic safe routes.

The update to the Google Maps Navigation beta will be able to provide real-time traffic based navigation to users in both North America and Europe.

"Not only can you save time and fuel, you’re making traffic better for everyone else by avoiding traffic jams. Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that Navigation will be able to find a faster way, but it will always try to get you where you’re going as fast as possible," the company stated.