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iOS 4.3 Available For Download At 6PM UK Time?

Could Apple be dropping a bomb later this evening as it releases the iOS 4.3 four days before it is officially due to go out? Well according to BGR, this might well happen over the next few hours.

The site claims that one of its sources in the know has confirmed that the firmware will be released to the general public at 10AM PT today, which is 6PM UK Time, that's in just under an hour from now.

BGR's Jonathan Geller also says that mobile phone operators will be able to bump the number of supported wireless connections via the iOS 4.3 personal hotspot feature from the default three to a maximum of five.

iOS 4.3 is expected to be one of the better updates for Apple devices; early benchmarks carried out showed that the firmware can boost the performance of the iPad by as much as 250 per cent which means that it is likely to do the same for the iPod Touch (3G and 4G), the iPhone 4 and the 3GS as well; note that the iPhone 4 CDMA is not yet compatible with iOS 4.3

The other enhancements expected include the AirPlay feature across all devices, improved Safari performance thanks to the new Nitro JavaScript Engine, iTunes Home Sharing, Multitasking capability, Find My Device, AirPrint, the ability to organise things in folder and even better email management.