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Nokia pumps MeeGo with new head

Nokia might be BFFs with Microsoft these days, but it doesn't mean the company's giving up on its homegrown MeeGo platform just yet - and it's appointed a new head to replace the exiting Alberto Torres.

Sebastian Nyström, formerly the head of the Qt framework team at Nokia has been named as the new leader of the MeeGo ship, taking charge of the platform's development as the company prepares to release the N950 later this year.

In a statement to the MeeGo community, Nokia's head of MeeGo marketing Peter Schneider declared: "I know some of you are going to say, why bother? I know there was great disappointment in the MeeGo community at Nokia’s decision [to move to Windows Mobile.]

"Many of us have gone through an emotional journey ourselves. I’m personally happy to see Sebastian helping us to complete the evolution of our previous Maemo and now MeeGo efforts to an exciting product."

In a statement, Schneider confirmed that Nyström will be leading the MeeGo team as it works to release the N950, to ensure that Nokia continues to release updates and support the product through its life span, and to work with the Linux Foundation and project co-founder Intel to determine what Nokia's role in the future of MeeGo will be.

While it's good news that the company isn't completely abandoning MeeGo, it certainly sounds like it's going to be reducing its input into the project in the coming years - potentially leaving Intel to pick up the pieces of what was once considered Nokia's last gasp at regaining the smartphone market.