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Nokia launches budget musical handset

Finnish phone company Nokia has announced today the new X1-00 low cost music orientated mobile phone, with a cost attached of just 34 Euros.

Nokia’s X1-00 is geared up for all those who like music, with an MP3 player and support for shuffle/repeat functions, three dedicated music keys and a one-press playlist creation button. The phone also arrives with a 3.5mm audio jack, a FM radio and a loud speaker that reaches 106phon. It’s been reported that volume is enough to rattle window frames, with little distortion as the speaker has been tweaked to be loud with decent clarity.

The handset arrives with a 128x160 TFT screen, running from the Series 30 OS with a 2GB microSD and support for 16GB cards whilst featuring 13 hours of music playback. The X1 doesn’t come with a camera, but there’s a built-in torch which can be a lot more useful than doubling up the camera’s flash as a light at night.

No networks have made public whether they’ll be carrying the phone when it arrives in April, although Nokia could very well sell the handset directly with a cost of around £30 - which could be ideal for pay as you go tariffs.

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