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Opera web browser gets own mobile app store

Popular mobile phone web browser manufacture Opera has launched its own application repository, for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java capable handsets. is accessible from their own web surfing software, for over 100 million people who currently use Opera on their phones and in more than 200 different countries. The store has been created in a partnership with the company Appia, who are a leader in providing open application technology.

The Mobile Store is presented in Opera’s quick access ‘Speed Dial’ and has already seen 15 million beta users since February, with more than 700,000 downloads a day.

Appia already has a steep history of app storefronts, with four of the world's top five handset manufacturers and three of the top four mobile operators in the US being catered for.

Opera’s Mobile Store will deliver both free and paid apps and for virtually all the mobile platforms around today, whilst it’s not limited to just their own browser as a number of handsets can access the site too.

The web browsing company has unveiled at the same time the Opera Publisher Portal, which offers software writers and developers an easy way to get their apps on to the Mobile Store.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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