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Phone Shop Stakes Claim To UK's First iPhone 5 Contract

A little know mobile phone reseller, GreentrustUK, claims to have partnered with O2 business to offer what it calls UK's first iPhone 5 pay monthly contract; it is also apparently taking pre-orders of the the SIM-free version of the phone.

As part of the deal, those who choose to buy the package - which is offered as part of the O2 Network Business Partner Scheme - will get the new Apple iPhone 5 as soon as it is available.

For the time being though, they will have to make do with a 16GB iPhone 4 which they can then swap when its successor is released. Greentrust also says that it will be partnering with Orange Business and has managed to sell all the 200 iPhone 5 from the original batch.

The cost of the contract is £40 per month ex VAT and apparently they will try to negotiate another 250 handsets from their suppliers. A spokesperson for the site says that the expected release date is due in June or early July 2011 and that this offer is the full version of the iPhone 5, not the iPhone 5 Nano (ed : really...)

GreenTrust also offers the ability to pay £195 ex VAT to secure a unit (or a maximum of two) from the first batch and pay the difference when the price is confirmed, which would be approximately 14 days before dispatch.

The link can be found here and the purchase can be done though Google Checkout. The site is not well laid out and doesn't contain the usual T&C that you'd expect from a proper retailing website, at which point, we called it a day.