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Rumour: Apple iOS 4.3 coming early

Apple will release iOS 4.3 later today, three days early, if rumours are to be believed.

We're not usually prone to jumping on the conjecture bandwagon but Boy Genius Report has an enviable, if not infallible, reputation for the getting the scoop on goings on inside the Cupertino Campus.

BGR reckons the first version of iOS to unify Apple's triumvirate of portable gadgetry will debut at 10am California time (6pm in the UK) today, three days ahead of the launch date announced by Steve Jobs at the recent iPad 2 shindig.

Probably the biggest new feature will be Personal Hotspot, allowing your iPhone to act as a wireless connection for either three or five suitably-equipped devices depending on which carrier you are signed up to.

BGR reckons that, although the default setting will be for three devices, that can be bumped to five at the behest of airtime operators.

Judging by the recent spate of stingy cuts to digital download allowances from most UK operators, and the general panic about bandwidth being eaten up by mobile gadgets, we reckon you'll be hard pushed to find anyone on these islands willing to let you have access to the full five.

We'll be firing up iTunes and hitting the refresh button every few seconds at 5.30pm and we'll let you know what's what as soon as it happens.