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Semiconductor markets show 14 per cent growth

The Semiconductor Industry Association claims that things are looking up for the industry, with global sales rising 14 per cent year-on-year in January.

According to figures released by the company this week, a gain of 1.5 per cent monthly has pushed the impressive recovery, with major growth measured in the industrial and automotive sectors - both, it must be said, strong areas for British chip design giant ARM, which has been enjoying a good few months recently.

"The industry will continue to benefit from steady growth, as semiconductor content increases in a wide range of products," claimed the SIA's Brian Toohey. "The impressive growth in semiconductor sales over the past year has been driven by strong demand across all major end markets as the products we use everyday become smarter, faster, and less expensive."

Overall, the worldwide semiconductor market saw sales of £15.8 billion in January 2011, up from £13.8 billion in January 2010 - impressive growth that shows the industry is enjoying much-needed recovery from the doldrums of the global economic slump.

This growth is predicted to continue, driven largely by industrial, embedded, and vehicular computing platforms - but also thanks to the increasing number of users trading in old devices for newer tablets and smartphones. With ARM licensees dropping new designs each week and both AMD and Intel bringing out new x86 chips, the semiconductor market is looking healthier than it has for quite some time.