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Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Arriving Soon

Microsoft is expected to roll-out the No Donuts update for its Windows Phone 7 platform within the next few days, bringing critical functions like copy-paste as well as improved application performance.

The NoDo update is the first to contain functional updates, though it is only thought to contain a few changes and fixes. Microsoft also has a version update for Windows Phone 7 in the works.

The version update, code-named Mango, will bring significant user interface updates to the platform along with multi-tasking and Internet Explorer 9 with partial HTML 5 support, Windows IT Pro reveals.

Microsoft had originally promised to dish out Mango by the end of 2011 but that seems like an impossible task. Mango might be delayed to early 2012, ruining Nokia's chances of shipping Windows Phone 7 smartphones with the Mango update.

Nokia and Microsoft have signed a deal under which the Finnish mobile phone giant will develop devices based on Microsoft's platform.

The software giant had earlier released a 'pre-update' designed to fix a bug in WP7's software update system. The update proved fatal for several Samsung devices as some were unable to install the update and some were reportedly bricked.

Microsoft has fixed the error since then and has resumed the update roll-out, focusing primarily on the No Donuts update.