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Woz says Apple runs 'pretty well' without Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said Apple will carry on 'pretty well' without its charismatic leader, which isn't exactly the most glowing report of a company's health we have ever heard.

Wozniak, who started the company alongside Jobs in a Californian garage about a million years ago, said: “Steve Jobs is only on partial leave. Even if he were to be on total leave, we have examined it. Apple will go on pretty well even if he is not there directly,” Bloomberg reports.

Jobs, who appears to be struggling to keep on weight after suffering from a rare form of cancer and subsequent liver transplant, is thought to be pulling many of Apple's major strings from his Palo Alto home and took a break from his medical sabbatical to launch the iPad 2 last week.

Jobs recently announced his second major leave of absence on medical grounds but said he would be "involved in major strategic decisions for the company".

Despite demands from circling investors, Apple has refused to outline its strategy in the event of Steve's demise on the grounds that his health is his business and he's still very much alive and kicking.