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64GB Apple iPhone 4 Prototype Uncovered

Photos and a video of what looks like an engineering prototype of a 64GB of an iPhone 4 smartphone have been published online.

MICGadget (opens in new tab) says that the sample itself appears to be very similar to the "lost" one that Gizmodo acquired last year and which sparked a furious backlash from Apple (Gizmodo was not invited to the launch of the iPad 2).

Even when blown up, the device appears very similar to the actual end product. There are a few differences though, there's no actual storage capacity marking on the back, only XXGB, the model number is stated as XXXXX and the FCC ID as BCG-AXXXXX just like on the Gizmodo model.

Furthermore, there is no silver ring around the lens and no - or + signs on the volume buttons. The owner of the device told MICGadget that it cannot be purchased from any shops in Hong Kong.

Instead, he managed to get a few sample directly from the manufacturer, Foxconn Electronics, in Shenzhen, China.

Now if you look very carefully in the first two pictures, you will notice that there is a white iPhone 4 in the background, one which apparently looks like the real deal; will it ever be released? Highly unlikely. You can watch a short video about the unannounced 64GB iPhone 4 below.

Désiré Athow

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