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Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10.3 Beta

Software maker Adobe has rolled out the beta version of Flash Player 10.3 which allows users to clear Flash cookies from within the web browser.

In a company blog post, Adobe said that users will now be able to clear Flash's local storage files in the same way that they clear browser cookies.

The company said that the new feature, which will integrate local storage control with the browsers privacy settings, will support Mozilla Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8 or higher and future versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Adobe had promised to integrate the feature on the new Flash version back in January. The company had said at that time, “Since local storage allows sites and apps to remember information, there are concerns about the use of local storage to store tracking information – or of greater concern, to restore tracking information to a browser cookie that a user has intentionally deleted.”

The new Flash version will also come with video analytics tool that will allow developers to easily see how their video content is being distributed, how many users are accessing it and how often the video is being played. Adobe has additionally included a native control panel that allows users to access and change privacy, security and storage settings directly from Windows, Mac, and Linux control panels.