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Amazon's Blooming Cloud Could Be Worth $10 Billion In Five Years's chief technology officer has highlighted the importance of cloud computing in its products and services ecosystem.

Speaking during the Cloud Connect 2011 conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said that even though Amazon's EC2 platform started out by offering simple compute cycles, the service was evolving into an expansive ecosystem that is harbouring a large number of services.

Amazon's easy-to-deploy cloud based infrastructure is giving rise to a number of platforms that offer mapping, collaboration and programming services, Information Week notes.

Vogels went on to give examples of some platforms that were running on Amazon's cloud platform. He mentioned Arab news service Al Jazeera, which moved to the cloud to deal with the high demand for its content. He also mentioned other services like Aspera, that offered software license management services and the data transfer service Riverbed.

“Let a thousand platforms bloom. It's still day one in the cloud. There's still a lot of innovation to come. Amazon will work hard to make sure the ecosystem continues to grow,” he said.

Randy Bias, founder and CEO of CloudScaling, speaking at the conference, said that Amazon's platform had the potential to become a $10 billion business in five year's time judging by its current growth rate.