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Android Becoming More Lucrative Platform For Developers

Google's Android platform has surpassed Apple and RIM to become the number one smartphone platform in the US and now seems to be on track to become the most profitable platform for developers.

According to Computer World, even though Android is yet to reach Apple's level, its rise in popularity and adoption is making it increasingly lucrative compared to iOS for some developers.

One such developer is Spacetime Studios which makes the popular Pocket Legends 3D MMOG for both iOS and Android platforms. The developer claims that user activity on its Android app is more than double that of its iOS app.

Its Android app is downloaded more than 9,000 times every day while its iOS app sees 3,000-4,000 downloads. Android users also use the app three times more than iOS users, a figure that translates into more revenue from its Android app.

The game, which is supported by in-app purchases, sees Android users generating 40-50 times more revenue than iOS users.

“We've just been blown away. Android has become our primary interest,” Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis told Computer World.

He also said that the company has moved all its advertising dollars from iOS to its Android app as Android users click its ads three times more than iOS users. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.