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Apple has had 64GB iPhone 4 since early 2010

If you're one of the many who think Apple is being mean with the memory, topping out the iPhone 4 at a measly 32GB, you be nonplussed by an engineering sample which has tipped up on a bunch of web sites.

Originally spotted in China, the prototype was originally thought to be a forthcoming device toting a healthy 64GB of Flash RAM, twice as much as the current limit.

But a serial number on the device's case suggests that it is, in fact, and engineering sample created in early 2010 and as such predates the current iteration.

Apple was thought to have elected to stick with the 32GB limit because of lack of space inside the iPhone 4's already crammed casing, but the appearance of this prototype has put paid to that theory, instead suggesting the the decision was down to price alone.

The unreleased iPhone first appeared on MIC Gadget and is thought to have been liberated from Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner Foxconn.