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Apple To Showcase iOS 5 Ahead Of iPhone 5?

A new version of iOS and a completely revamped MobileMe service may be presented as early as next April in an event held by Apple to showcase the upcoming version of Apple's mobile platform.

Just like it did last year with Apple Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion", it is rumoured that Apple will show some of the major new features that will come with iOS 5, probably as an appetiser and a cunning way to entice users to wait a little bit more.

A German website says that Apple will hold the event on the company's campus in California and may also show MobileMe,

The inclusion of the latter means that Apple may be looking forward to integrate the service into the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad by default while at the same time, moving it to the cloud.

Currently, MobileMe is a $99 service but the Wall Street Journal reported in February that Apple is considering making the service free altogether and may add several new features to it, including the ability to store photos, music and videos.

There are also rumours about a potential voice navigation service that would allow users to interact with their devices without relying on the display input. Only a few weeks ago, Apple stopped selling boxed version of MobileMe in the retail channel, fuelling rumours of an impending shift in strategy.