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Apple To Use JointVenture To Bring iPad 2, iPhone 5 To Enterprises

Apple newly launched JointVenture program will help Apple invade the SMB market by providing businesses with an easy way to support their Apple products, either a Mac or iPhone or iPad.

Interestingly enough, you can only become a JointVenture (opens in new tab) customer (opens in new tab) when you buy a new Mac and pay £379 over and above the initial purchase per year; you will then be able to support up to five systems, which may include one iPad 2, one iPhone 5, Macbooks and others.

Note that the price includes VAT, which is a nice little bonus. Apple employees will set up the new Apple products within 24 hours; this includes the transfer of existing data like email, calendar and address book and the installation of Mac applications.

They will also activate the customer's JV website where they can schedule training, book appointments at Apple Store, get technical support and sign up for workshops. Also included in the package are three two-hour sessions of training every year at the Apple Store for up to eight employees at a time.

Other services included in the £76 charge per unit are the ability to speak to an Apple Genius over the phone or in person, "Anytime" updates which apparently includes cleaning a system's display and keyboard and finally a Loaner program which gives users access to a laptop complete with applications if a system cannot be returned in less than 24 hours.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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