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Blackberry Playbook To Ship With 7Digital Music Store Pre-installed

Research in Motion has announced that the 7Digital online music store will come pre-installed on the Blackberry PlayBook tablet.

7Digital, which was already available as an app on Blackberry smartphones, is an online music store that allows users to browse, preview and purchase music from a catalogue of over 13 million DRM-free music tracks from Warner, Universal, EMI, and Sony.

RIM said the store, which will be on the Blackberry PlayBook when it launches in the US and Canada, will see an international roll-out as well. Users will be able to search for tracks based on albums and artists and preview them before making a purchase.

7Digital's music recommendation technology will let users discover new music, enhancing their in-app experience. RIM also added that the song prices on the PlayBook app will match the pricing on

Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital commented, “We’re really excited to be working with RIM to bring the 7digital experience to the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM has created an incredible tablet with premium multimedia features and together we are delivering a truly exceptional music experience for mobile users, offering content that is extremely easy to discover, purchase and use.”

With the 7Digital music store, RIM is hoping to create a product ecosystem similar to the one Apple has created between iTunes and iOS devices. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.