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Google Makes Sizeable Donation To Nelson Mandela Digital Archives

Google has donated $1.25 million to the Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre of Memory, which seeks to maintain and digitise documents, photos and videos related to the life and times of the great African leader.

In an official blog post, Google said that the Mandela archives, which will be available online in the near future, will include Mandela's letters to family members, friends, colleagues, the diaries he wrote in prison, and the notes he made while he negotiated an end to the apartheid system in South Africa.

“The online Mandela archive, which will be made available to global audiences in the future, will be a wealth of information for those wanting to learn about and research the life and legacy of this extraordinary African statesman,” Google said in a statement.

The company also revealed that a grant of the same size is being given to the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre in Cape Town for the documentation and digitisation of Archbishop Tutu's archives and to put them online.

Google also announced several other grants that will help bring more people online in South Africa and the whole of Africa. The company has donated $750,000 to the Tertiary Education and Research Network, $500,000 to the Nigeria ICT Forum and $1.25 million to the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) at the University of Oregon.