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Kids watch TV with in phone hand, laptop on knee

Watching television has never been a more interactive experience, with 72 per cent of young people commenting on programmes via social networks as they watch them.

The recent trend aptly dubbed ‘Social TV’ sees young television viewers instantly commenting on their favourite shows to friends in different locations via the web or mobile phone.

A survey, which confirms a shift in the way young people are watching TV was conducted by digital marketing agency, Digital Clarity and polled over 1300 mobile internet users under the age of 25 from a cross section of the UK.

According to the results, a staggering 72 per cent of those surveyed use Twitter as the most common way to communicate. At 56 per cent, Facebook came in second with other mobile applications accounting for 34 per cent. Some 62 per cent of Social TV users admitted using a combination of all three.

"Up until 12 months ago, TV was struggling to reach the younger market as more and more channels were becoming available," Digital Clarity founder Reggie James said. "Social TV has changed this completely by turning programmes into online events where you have to watch them as they happen."

This is certainly the case for popular shows such as X-Factor, Skins, Glee and Eastenders, the largest recipients of online mobile commenting, typically generating high social network traffic whenever they are shown.

The trend described as ‘fun’, community-orientated and generally rendering television ‘more interesting’ has seen an increasing number of young people in Britain reaching for their iPhones instead of the remote control.