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McAfee Opens First Data Centre In UK

Security software vendor McAfee has opened a new data centre in the UK that will support its Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based web and email offerings.

The data centre, which was opened in London, is the company's fifth in a year and its first in the UK. The new cloud facility is the latest in a line of data centres that are dedicated to providing security within the cloud.

The company said that the London data centre will work alongside another similar facility located in Europe. McAfee also plans to use multiple internet service providers to ensure that its services don't rely on a single ISP for network connection.

Scott Chasin, chief technology officer for McAfee's cloud and content division, said in a statement, “The rapid expansion of cloud data centers over the past year underscores our commitment to our customers and partners to deliver the highest-grade, global cloud security footprint.”

McAfee, which was recently acquired by Intel for the substabtial sum of $7.68 billion, has opened cloud data centres in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam and North America and is planning to open another one in Hong Kong in a matter of weeks.

Cloud based security systems allow companies to deal with web and email threats without letting them within the core network.