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Rumour: Apple to hold iOS 5 event in April

A source confirmed to German Apple enthusiast blog that Apple would be holding an event in April called "Apple Is April", that would announce the next major version of its flagship mobile operating system. The source also leaked that Apple was going to be making its MobileMe software free via digital download.

Apple has held iOS events in April in the past, and the firm is a creature of habit. Last year's Apple iOS 4 event took place April 8th in Cupertino. Macerkopf also said friendly media outlets should expect invitations around the 14th or 15th.

iOS 5 has been making quite a stir among iPhone users, as one of the most anticipated changes is that Apple completely overhauled its notification system. In 2010, Apple hired Rich Dellinger, the guy who created webOS' praised notification system, as a Senior User Interface Designer, so we're bound to see a change sometime.

Apple launched MobileMe as "iTools" in January 2001, as a free collection of Internet-based services for Mac OS 9. The service was renamed ".Mac" when Mac OS X debuted in 2002, then MobileMe in 2008, and has been that way ever since. Apple's Phil Schiller once called the software the "Exchange for the rest of us" refering to Microsoft's Exchange Server.

You can view the English translation of's full report here.