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Sony PlayStation Network down and out 11 hours

Sony's PlayStation Network will be out of action for up to 11 hours this evening as the Japanese gaming giant carries out what it is calling 'routine maintenance'.

The move, which is pretty much unprecedented, is bound to set tongues wagging and conspiracy theorists blogging as gamers are excommunicated from their social existences for a whole night (or day depending on where you are)

Sony says users won't be able to sign into the network, play games or use the PSN Store and has declined to say what on earth it is up to that could take so long, but the company's ongoing cat-and-mouse battle with hackers and pirates is hard to dismiss as a possible cause of the outage.

Eleven hours without a multiplayer gaming fix might seem like a long time right now, but online gaming servers have a history of taking far longer to fix than expected in our experience, so don't be too surprised if Sony pushed the deadline for reboot back at least a couple of times.

Maybe you could go out and meet some real people, or read a book?

Or just play single player games for one evening, which is more likely.