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Sony Takes Playstation Network Down To Add PS3 Cloud Storage?

The current "routine maintenance" for the Playstation Network announced by Sony earlier today may be linked to the announcement that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe made today.

SCEA said that Playstation Plus members will get 150MB worth of storage online for game saves which will allow them to store up to 1000 game saves in the cloud.

They will then be able to access their online storage by clicking on the Games icon via XMB at which stage they can either save or continue the game.

Some have been wondering how long it might take for the games to synchronise; but that shouldn't be a massive issue given that the online storage also reduces the risk of losing game data if a user chooses to upgrade his console (hard disk change or console change). There will also be a 24 hour window during which the data won't be accessible from another console.

Playstation Plus costs £40 per year and is seen as a competitor to Xbox Live which is available for less; Microsoft has been touting Xbox Live as an all-encompassing multimedia service. Sony has been rumoured to add additional features to entice Playstation players to turn into subscribers and add to the estimated 100,000 PS Plus members on the market.