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Speculation Increases About Progress Of Next Generation XBox

Avalanche, the developer behind popular console game Just Case, is fully prepared for any announcement by Microsoft about a successor to its Xbox 360 console.

Speculation had been rife after Microsoft placed an advert for an engineer to help develop and verify 'the xbox and future platforms'. In an interview with CVG, Christofer Sundberg, the founder of Avalanche said that the game maker is ready for whatever Microsoft comes out with in terms of hardware.

He said the company was working on a number of top-secret projects besides Just Cause and will be ready when Microsoft introduces the new Xbox console.

Commenting on the Just Cause game, Sunderberg said, “We had to do the 360 version in six months. It's an interesting place again right now, where the projects we're working on today might be coming out on [Microsoft's] next technology.”

Sunderberg added that Avalanche had a 'central engine team' which reckons that Microsoft is working on something in terms of hardware. But despite being in close contact with Microsoft, the software giant has failed to make its intentions known.

“Every good games technology these days is so scalable that once a new platform comes out, we feel prepared to deal with it,” he added.

His comments come after Microsoft published a job posting on its website looking for a hardware engineer for its Interactive Entertainment Business division, who could "play a key role in the development and verification of the Xbox and future platforms," leading to speculation regarding the arrival of the next generation Xbox console.