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Tata Communications Starts Global Cloud Expansion In Southeast Asia

Indian telecoms giant Tata Communications has launched its InstaCompute cloud computing platform in Singapore.

The company, which plans to extend the service to the US, UK and South African markets this year, said that Singapore will also act as a hub for offering services in other Asian coutries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Tata Communications, which launched the platform initially in India, said that 55-60 per cent of InstaCompute customers were from there. The company expects to generate revenue of $250 million over the next years by offering cloud computing services.

The company's InstaCompute public cloud is based on's CloudStack platform, which allows service providers to host their own public clouds using management software and infrastructure technology.

Tata Communications SVP and Global Head of Managed Services David Wirt said in a statement, “We are in a strong position as a global cloud provider. Security on the network is a critical element for any customer looking to enter the cloud. Our security business forms an integral part of our customer''s cloud development, rather than being an add-on after the infrastructure has been built.”

Wirt said that InstaCompute will allow customers to easily administer and manage their cloud infrastructures.