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Two Alcatel mobile phones come to O2

Mobile phone network O2 has announced it’s to carry two Alcatel handsets where one of them was only unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month, in the One Touch 355 Qwerty and the older 708.

Alcatel’s 355 falls under the companies Simplicity budget series of phones, whilst arriving with a 1.8-inch 160x128 TFT screen and a tracker pad, along with a VGA camera, a built in FM radio and an Opera web browser. The Qwerty keyboard based mobile is geared up for easy text entry, with emails, Facebook and Twitter.

The 708 will be the first mobile to arrive on O2, where it’s already been one of Alcatel’s bestselling handsets under the guise of the One Touch Mini. The device tips up with a 2.4-inch touch screen, with a 1.3 megapixel camera and is only slightly longer than a credit card.

Alcatel started the year off in a big way, by unveiling over 30 handsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company has grown over the last twelve months, to be a variable handset manufacturer under their own name instead of being just a maker of rebranded mobile phones – in much the same way as HTC once did, back in 2007.

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