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Virgin Media £50 Incentive On TV Phone Broadband Bundles

Virgin Media is offering a £50 to customers signing up for its phone, TV and broadband packages before March 14th.

The company said that £50 will be knocked off users' first monthly bill under the new incentive, which can also be coupled with Virgin Media's six month half price scheme for its Triple Play Service Bundles that combine TV, phone and broadband.

The current package that the company is offering under the six months half price scheme starts as low as £10 per month for six months coupled with a £12.99 per month charge for a Virgin phone line. The package also includes access to a 10 Mbps broadband service with unlimited downloads, 65 TV channels and free weekend calls to Virgin home phones and mobiles.

Customers can also upgrade their bundles with additional plans, including more cable channels and free calls. The scheme comes as Virgin Media plans to hike its monthly fixed line rental from £12.24 to £12.99 from April. Rival TalkTalk has already hiked its fixed line rental, with O2 and BT following suit from next month.

The scheme comes as the company is courting controversy with its new traffic management system that throttles upstream speeds on P2P networks and newsgroups during peak hours. The trial has not gone down well with online gamers, as most online games are based on P2P networks.