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VMWare View App Brings Windows To iPad 2

VMWare announced the availability of View for the iPad, an app which allows users to access their virtual Windows Desktop from their iPad with what VMWare calls, the best possible user experience either over LAN or WAN.

The app, which can be downloaded here, is free of charge and weighs a mere 6.1MB. It requires iOS 4.2 and is only compatible with the iPad (and the forthcoming iPad 2). No luck with other iOS devices.

View for iPad also supports Wi-Fi and 3G and includes gestures for clicking, dragging as well as selecting iPads. It also supports Bluetooth and docked keyboard as well as the iPad VGA adaptor (and we suspect the new iPad 2 HDMI one as well).

Other than that, the View for iPad app supports PCoIP display protocol out of the box - which reduces latency and the amount of bandwidth needed for optimal operation - and integrates tightly with VMware View. Note that you will need Version 4.6 of VMware View or later.