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Why The 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Won't Bother The iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 is unlikely to be hassled by the smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab II; a 8.9-inch model which is expected to be launched towards the 22nd of March in the US during the CTIA conference.

Although some have argued the opposite, it is hard to see how the Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch will compete with the iPad 2, let alone the iPad simply because Samsung already has the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab to do the job.

It could well be that Samsung manages to squeeze another 1.9-inch out of the same form factor of the current Galaxy Tab which is a 7-incher; look at the acres of land on all sides of the display.

With the Galaxy S II for example, Samsung has been able to produce a smartphone with a very thin bezel. The rest of the hardware is easy to guess; a dual core system on chip with either Nvidia or ARM's Mali solution, then 1GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, 3G (voice capabilities) and Wi-Fi.

Like the smaller Galaxy Tab (and the LG Optimus Pad), expect a card reader, front and rear facing cameras and a 1280x800 pixels screen resolution. As for the operating system, it is likely to be Android Honeycomb like most devices with a large screen.

That said, Samsung will have to make sure that the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab is not too enticing as it might cannibalise sales of the bigger Galaxy Tab; we suspect therefore that it will carry a higher price than the 10-inch model which doesn't have voice capabilities.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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