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4 Features The iPhone 5 Will Inherit From The iPad 2

Like their predecessors, the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 are likely to share more than a few common features and the launch last week of the latter means that we can now get a peak at what features the iPhone 5 might inherit from the tablet.

The A5 System on Chip will be the main one; We suspect that it comprises of a dual core processor (based on the same Cortex A8 as the Apple A4), clocked at 1GHz but with a significantly boosted graphics subsystem.

The PowerVR SGX535 would make way for a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP+ which delivers a nine time improvement over its predecessor and would allow the iPhone to catch up with its rivals.

Whatever magic Apple has worked with the iPad 2 to decrease its thickness & weight is likely to be replicated on the iPhone 5. The iPad 2 is 15 per cent lighter and 33 per cent thinner than the previous model; the iPhone 5 is very unlikely to achieve such metrics but shaving a few grams and a few millimeters off the thickness would bring it in line with the iPad 2 (which is thinner than the iPhone 4) and its competition (LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy S II).

The iPhone 5 will adopt the same battery technology as the iPad 2; We believe that Apple has been working on improving the power/weight ratio; sticking to the same 25-watt-hour output should be sufficient for most purposes but decreasing the weight of the battery is where Apple may surpass the competition.

Apple is very likely to bring onboard that HDMI connectivity (via an optional adaptor) that allows iPhone content to be viewed on a large screen television. The graphics subsystem of the Apple A5 is capable, in theory, of upscaling content to full HD which should allow for some interesting scenarios.