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4 Super PAYG SIMs For Apple iPad 2, XOOM

The launch of the iPad 2 on Friday and the impending assault of a multitude of Android 3.0 tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola XOOM, the LG Optimus Pad, all of which come with built-in 3G capabilities, have caused mobile phone operators to come up with some pretty enticing pay as you go SIM card offers.

Perhaps the most impressive of them is the one from Orange which will be perfect for those looking to buy an iPad 2 because it is a microSIM one. It costs £25 (£15 with £10 topup) but gives you access to 250MB UK mobile internet browsing each month as well as 750MB via BT Openzone Wi-Fi for 12 months; that's just over £2 a month, a great deal if you are a light user. If you want to use it in another non-microSIM tablet, you will need a converter.

Another alternative would be to get a free Blackberry SIM card from T-Mobile, one which comes with six months free internet and Blackberry mail (of no use, unless you plan to use the Blackberry Playbook) when you top up £10. Once the six months are over, you can buy additional 6-months bundle for only £20.

As for 3 UK, it carries two exceptionally good deals; pay £6.78 to get a "Ready to Go" Data SIM from Amazon preloaded with 3GB data allowance which turns out to be cheaper than the one from Orange (but you don't get wireless); another additional advantage is that you won't be overcharged if you go beyond the 3GB limit. You will need to trim it though if you want to use it in an iPad.

Another option would be to get the SIM only Internet option from 3, which removes the hassle of having to cut the SIM card every time you put in a new SIM plus you can renew after 30 days and stick to the tariff. At £5.11 per month, it gives you 2GB worth of data. The only downside is that it is more expensive than the other 3 UK offer.