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Android overtakes the iPhone

Mobile virtual network operator Tesco mobile has seen iPhone sales drop in favour of Google mobile OS driven devices, for the first time ever.

Before Christmas, the iPhone had double the sales of Android mobile phones where in January the figures were on par with each other. February saw the Google mobile OS handsets finally take the lead, with Tesco mobile.

Tesco mobile were renowned for having one of the lowest prices for the Apple iPhone 4 at launch, where now their top Android deal is a free Samsung Galaxy S on a £30.00 a month tariff – with 750 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and a 500MB data allowance.

As a comparison, the MVNO’s top Apple offering is a 16GB iPhone 4 for £342.00, on a £25 a month contract with 250 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and 1GB data allowance, along with unlimited BT Openzone WIFI surfing.

This shift away from Apple iPhone leading consumer sales has only recently happened, but Tesco believes this could be sign the buying public are getting behind Android with those handsets being more affordable over the iOS device.

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