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Android trojan mimics Market security update

Insecurity software outfit Symantec says a new Android trojan is mimicking the recently-released Android Market security update unleashed by Google.

The trojan, which is being distributed through third-party Android app stores, is looks like a version of the Market security update but comes with added malware. Google released the update in an effort to remove the DroidDream malware which has been infecting Android devices through third-party apps.

The trojan is disguised as the original Android Market Security Tool, and is reported to be targeted towards Chinese users of Google's smartphone platform.

In a blog post, Symantec said the trojan is capable of sending text messages to remote command-and-control servers and is looking for device information like the IMEI number and users' mobile numbers.

“Analysis of the application is still ongoing, however, what is shocking is that the threat’s code seems to be based on a project hosted on Google Code and licensed under the Apache License,” Symantec's Mario Ballano wrote.

Android's rising popularity makes it a worthwhile target for hackers, who target as many devices as possible in the hope of snagging a percentage of those infected