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Apple iPad 2 Reviews : Generally Very Positive

Reviewing the iPad 2 is a perillous exercise for many; being too positive can be seen as the trademark of so-called Fanbois while being too negative can cause Apple Fanbois to revolt in utter disgust; which is why doing a review round up is actually safer - oh and we don't have the iPad 2 to play with until the end of this month.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball did an image-less review of the iPad 2 where he described the Apple tablet with intimate details; John is an Apple expert, not necessarily an Apple lover. But as he said himself, the iPad 2 is computer you don't have to worry about; Apple played it safe by just slightly improving on a winning formula. In his own words "The iPad 2 is a solid second-generation iteration. Easier and more comfortable to hold, noticeably faster, equippable [sic] with foldable covers that are both literally and figuratively magnetic".

Vincent from Slashgear has one of the longest and most complete iPad 2 reviews currently on the market with loads of photos and benchmarks (yep!). He says that on most levels, the iPad 2 over-delivers by improving on the tablet's fortes; boosting speed and performance while slimming down the chassi and preserving battery life at 10 hours. He also raises the issue of the original iPad owners adding that "the question of whether to upgrade is a difficult one".

Engadget's scorecard for the iPad 2 review says 9 out of 10, which says it all. Yes the cameras are poor, the screen resolution could be higher and the OS still has a few rough edges. But apart from that, there's not much that prevents it from being the right heir to the uber popular iPad tablet. Still the cameras seem to be Engadget's bug bear.

"Unless you absolutely need cameras on your tablet, you've still got a solid piece of gear that reaps plenty of the benefits of the latest OS and apps" Joshua Topolsky says before adding "And it's really quite good."

On a side note, Gizmodo still hasn't received an iPad 2 sample and had to rely on third party reviews to produce its own iPad 2 review. So much for p***** Apple.