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Apple releases iOS 4.3

Hardware and software maker Apple has made available the new version of their iOS operating system, for the iPhone 3GS and 4, 3rd and 4th generation of the iPod Touch and iPad.

Apple’s new iOS 4.3 brings in the ability to use any device running the platform as a personal hotspot, along with sharing of iTunes media around the home, new AirPlay features, faster browsing along with overall improvements and iPad better functionality.

The iOS’s Personal Hotspot feature effectively turns an Apple product running the new OS into a mobile WIFI router, in much the same way as Three’s MIFI units. There is also support for five connected devices, which can be made up from a combination of 3 WIFI, 3 Bluetooth and a USB connection. Not all of the mobile phone networks have announced they will be supporting this data tethering, although it’s been reported Three will feature data sharing on their truly unlimited ‘One Plan’ data allowance.

iTunes home sharing allows for the softwares’ contents to be shared wirelessly from a computer, where the new AirPlay feature can play videos to an Apple TV and Safari has seen the inclusion of the desktops Nitro JavaScript engine - for quicker web surfing.

This update comes four months after the last version of the iOS arrive in version 4.2, which brought with it multitasking, folders support, a unified inbox, game centre, AirPlay and AirPrint for the iPad; where the side switch can now lock the screen rotation or mute the volume quickly in 4.3.

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