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Chrome 10 Prepares For Google Cloud Expansion

Google has just released its Chrome 10 web browser which comes with new user interface enhancements and synchronisation features, and can be seen as a very 'cloud-ready' version of the browser.

Google's Chrome 10 showcases many of the capabilities of the cloud based operating system Chrome OS that the company is expected to release soon.

The web browser has been designed to prepare users for what it will be like on Chrome OS, where a web browser will be the interface and work will be done via cloud based web apps, BetaNews notes.

For example, the new search bar in Chrome 10 demonstrate how the functionality will act like the 'command line' for the internet on Chrome OS. In Chrome 10, users will be able to search web sites, visit links and access browser settings right from the search bar, similar to the Chrome OS available on the Cr-48 netbooks.

Google also looks to demonstrates what security will be like on the Chrome OS using the sandboxing functionality. Google has included a robust sandbox on Chrome 10, that will isolate apps like Adobe Flash to minimise the affect if one of them should crash. A sandbox not only provides stability to the system but also isolates any threats poised by malicious websites.

So Chrome 10 is preparing users and developers for Google's next stage in the expansion of its cloud computing vision.