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Cockpit Monitors Blank Out Due To Wi-fi Interference

Airline equipment manufacturer Honeywell's new Phase 3 Display Units (DUs) reportedly blanked out during a test because of interference from an in-plane wi-fi network.

According to airline industry blog Flight Global, the DUs blanked out while they were undergoing airline electro magnetic interference (EMI) certification testing for Wireless broadband.

The test failure has prompted aircraft maker Boeing to stop installing in-flight wi-fi connectivity systems on all of its planes including widebody aircraft.

Bret Jensen of BCA Engineering Communications told Flight Global, “Boeing has not delivered any installations that would have this issue. Honeywell has assured us that they are working to address the problem and we are satisfied that they are taking the necessary steps to do so.”

US Federal Communication Commission guidelines make it mandatory that wi-fi radiation levels are to be set higher than in normal conditions while performing that EMI certification test.

“Based on testing that has been conducted, Boeing and Honeywell have concluded that actual EMI levels experienced during normal operation of typical passenger wi-fi systems would not cause any blanking of the Phase 3 DU,” Boeing explained.

Meanwhile, the installation of AeroMobile's eXPhone in-flight mobile connectivity solution on Boeing planes has also been halted until the Phase 3 DU issue gets resolved. Airline companies Emirates, Turkish Airlines and V Australia were set to install the eXPhone systems for in-flight connectivity.