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Foursquare 3.0 For Android And iPhone Has Arrived

Location based social networking platform Foursquare has brought out a new update for its Android and iOS apps ahead of the South by South West conference in Austin.

Foursquare 3.0 for Android and iPhone offers a tweaked interface, a new recommendations engine, a revamped leader board and new 'specials' for businesses offering rewards and schemes to loyal customers.

The new version comes with an 'Explore' tab that will allow its 7.5 million users to discover new places on the basis of locations visited by the user, their friends, users' most frequented locations, locations popular with other users, the time of day and places with great tips.

Harnessing the data gathered by more than half a billion check-ins that have taken place on the app, Foursquare's new 'recommendations engine for the real world' will let users search for specific places using keywords like '80s music', 'fireplace' and 'pancakes' and 'romantic'.

The new leader board has been tweaked to trigger points from check-ins based on several categories like discovering new places, trying new types of restaurants, visiting new cities, getting groups together or hanging out with old friends.

In a blog post, Foursquare explained that the company has added new 'Specials' categories that allow businesses to promote their locations in whole new ways. The new Specials include Flash Specials, Friends Specials, Swarm Specials and Newbie Specials.