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Gmail Offering 'Smart Labels' Email Classification Tool

Google has begun public testing of a new Gmail feature that automatically puts mass and automated emails under pre-defined labels, for users to manage and prioritise their emails more efficiently.

The Smart Labels feature, which will have to be activated from the Labs tab on Gmail, will contain three labels: Bulk, Forums and Notifications, Google explained. This is Google's latest attempt to simplify the user experience on Gmail.

When the feature is activated, all the mass emails that users receive, such as newsletters, will automatically be sent to the Bulk label, accessible by clicking on the Bulk tab on the left pane. Users can also choose to make the mass emails appear in their inboxes before moving them to the Bulk section.

Similarly, emails from various online forums that users are a part of, will be redirected to the Forums label. The Notifications label will contain emails that users receive from various websites including things like receipts and account activity statements. Google will also allow users to configure the labels by modifying filter settings.

The company pointed out that the Smart Labels feature will only work for those emails that users have themselves subscribed too. Google already offers a robust anti-spam mechanism on Gmail that filters spam and malicious emails. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.