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Google's Cloud Music Feature Discovered In Honeycomb App

The Android 3.0 Honeycomb code released to developers contains strong evidence that Google will soon roll out a cloud based music streaming and storing service.

Contributers to the the XDA Developers forum claim that Google has included support for music storing and streaming via the cloud on the Android 3.0 OS running on Motorola's Xoom tablet.

A developer wrote on the XDA forum that when he ran the Honeycomb version of a music app on his Android smartphone, a new 'sync music' feature appeared on the settings options.

He discovered that the app was actually syncing music files to the cloud and he was also able to stream music on the device. Other developers varified his claim having successfully tried for themselves.

It is not clear where the music files were synced to, but it definitely means that Google has the technology to offer such services.

It seems that Google has beaten Apple in launching its own cloud-based music locker, which might also offer an online music store. Apple has long been rumored to be working on a cloud based version of iTunes, complete with music storing and streaming capabilities.

Apple has recently opened a data center in the United States, with Apple COO Tom Cook confirming that the new facility will be used for iTunes services.