IBM Anticipates $7 Billion Cloud Revenue By 2015

International Business Machines expects to generate revenue of $7 billion from its cloud computing services by 2015.

Speaking during IBM's annual investor meeting, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano touted cloud computing as an imminent technical shift in enterprise IT, a market that presents the company with a $7 billion opportunity.

He said that IBM is better positioned to capitalise on the rise in cloud computing than its rivals owing to its portfolio of servers, software and services, that have been designed to leverage the cloud under the Blue Cloud product strategy that was launched back in 2007, Cloud Tweaks reveals.

Generating a revenue of $7 billion would mean that IBM would have a dominant market share of 25 per cent if the global cloud computing market reaches the $30 billion mark by 2015. However, IBM is not the only big player working towards controlling the cloud.

IBM will be facing stiff competition from Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Google. Amazon is evolving its cloud computing hosting platform into an entire ecosystem while Salesforce is moving heavily into the cloud with its range of enterprise collaboration SaaS apps.

Further stiff competition comes from Google with its Google Apps offering which has already started bringing enterprises to the cloud.