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iOS 4.3 Dissection Shows iPhone 5 Will Come With Dual Core A5 SoC

Deep inside the new version of the iOS operating system released yesterday, are what many have identified as the codenames of the new iPhone 5, one which apparently carries the moniker N94 and is associated with the S5L8940 part.

This is actually the internal name of the iPad 2 system on chip otherwise known as the Apple A5. The analysis was carried out by a Twiter user by the name of Cronic (via ioSnoops) who analysed the code of the operating system using a bog standard "search and replace" editor.

The news only confirms what was until now a rumour; that Apple will use the same hardware components, bar the screen, the enclosure and a few tidbits, to build the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch (with the latter being underclocked to save battery life).

Although Apple did not reveal the exact specification of the A5 system on chip, Steve Jobs dropped a few hints last week; we suspect that will come with the same A4, Cortex A8-based processor that powers the iPhone 4, one which will almost certainly have been refined further to deliver the best performance possible per watt; this time though, there will be two of them, running at 1GHz again.

It will however have a much more powerful graphics subsystem with the PowerVR SGX543MP+ replacing the obsolete PowerVR SGX535 and Apple promising a nine-fold improvement over the graphics powering the iPhone 4.