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Mozilla Brings Out Firefox 4 Release Candidate

Open source software maker Mozilla has brought out the first release candidate for the Firefox 4 web browser, the company has announced.

Mozilla, which had released 12 beta versions before rolling out the release candidate, said that people using the beta version of the browser will be automatically updated to the release candidate version.

The company said that the web browser, which will be available in 70 different languages, will bring more stability, key enhancements and support for HTML 5 web technology among other features.

Mozilla's lack of speed in releasing browser versions has allowed rival Google Chrome, which releases updates every fortnight, to climb up the web browser market share ladder.

Chrome is still a long way from Firefox in browser rankings but with its increasing growth rate, it could surpass Firefox in another two years. Mozilla on the other hand, has promised to release browser updates and versions more often, with the company planning to introduce Firefox 5 this year.

The Firefox 4 release candidate will help Mozilla get rid of some of the remaining few bugs left in the browser.

In a blog post, Mozilla said that it had fixed more than 8,000 bugs since the first beta release of Firefox 4.

“We build Firefox with help from our contributors and millions of beta testers. The team has fixed more than 8,000 bugs since the first beta release of Firefox 4. Please help test the release candidate and provide feedback to make sure Firefox 4 is the best it can be,” the company said in a statement.