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Price Of Microsoft Kinect Sensor Slashed To £98

Microsoft announced that it has sold more than 10 million Kinect sensors already, making it one of the fastest selling consumer electronics devices ever and the fact that retailers are heavily discounting the peripheral appears to be helping tremendously.

Viking Direct for example is selling the Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures for only £98 including delivery, a discount of more than £33 compared to the suggested selling price of £132.76.

The game provides with a controller-free gaming and entertainment solution that has proved to be quite a hit both with the consumers and with the publishers; it uses a sensor to track body movements and recognise someone's faces and will even listen to voice.

It uses four microphones, a dedicted processor plus a colour VGA motion camera that can track movements at 30FPS.

Apart from the fact that you need a pretty decent size room if you plan to play in pairs or more, the Kinect has had a pretty warm reception based on the 148 positive customer reviews with 4.5 stars on Amazon.

It's a pity though Kinect games are so expensive with the majority of them priced well above £30. It is also recommended to have a 250GB Xbox 360 gaming console, not the cheaper 4GB model, to enjoy the Kinect to the full.

In addition, Amazon is currently running a campaign where customers can grab an Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive, the Kinect plus the Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership card for £305.