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Sony updates PlayStation 3 to firmware 3.60

Sony has released another new firmware update for its PlayStation 3 console, bringing some new goodies for its PlayStation Plus subscribers - but also a new attempt to lock jailbreakers out of the console.

The PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.60 comes just over a month after version 3.56, which brought no new functionality - aside from the ability to break certain models of PS3 with upgraded hard drives - but was instead designed to prevent circumvention of the in-built digital rights management technology that was made possible by the cracking of Sony's private signing key.

Thankfully, this latest release does actually offer something for consumers: for the first time, gamers will be able to store their saved games on Sony's PlayStation Network servers - making them available on any PlayStation 3 console, and preventing game progress from being lost in the event of a hardware failure or a software bug that requires the drive to be wiped.

Sadly, there's a catch: the new cloud-saving functionality is only open to PlayStation Plus subscribers, who pay £40 a year for the privilege of temporary access to free games and early demo releases.

For users that don't pay for Plus access, the only new feature in this latest patch is the ability to configure the timeout settings for when the SixAxis controllers switch themselves off during inactivity.

With the DRM patch in firmware version 3.56 having been broken mere hours after its release, there's no doubting that 3.60 will be cracked in due time - but for now, the modding community is advising users with jailbroken consoles to avoid updating to the new release.