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600,000 iPad 2 Tablets To Be Sold Today?

Around 600,000 iPad 2 tablets may be sold in the first 24 hours of sale as the device has gone on sale in the US market and will be rolled out in 236 Apple US stores and countless other partners at midnight GMT.

Bloomberg cites Brian Marshall, an analyst at Gleacher & Co, who put forward the number, one which is almost double that of its predecessor.

Apple sold 300,000 iPad in the first 24 hours of sale and took more than $2 billion worth of sale in less than a quarter; in comparison, the iPhone reached that target in more than 18 months.

Although Microsoft has set the world record for the fastest selling consumer electronics device, selling more than 10 million Kinect since launch, the original iPad is still the fastest one in terms of revenue.

Apple's aggressive start for the iPad 2 though, where the launch is carried out with carriers, brick-and-mortar retailers (10,000 of them), and in 23 other countries as from the 25th of March, means almost certainly that the Kinect's record might be smashed.

Analysts predict that Apple will sell between 30 million and 40 million tablets with the lowest non-3G model being priced at $499 and the cheapest 3G model - the one which will be subsidised by mobile carriers - available for slightly more.

Last year, Apple's average revenue per iPad sold topped $650, which means that on hardware alone, Apple is set to reach at least $20 million this year.

Given that it sold nearly 15 million iPad in nine months last year, Apple is will almost certainly hit the lower end of the analysts' predictions.