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Apple could sell 600,000 iPad 2s in first weekend

According to some analysts, Apple could shift as many as 600,000 iPad 2s in the next three days.

The Cupertino company's first foray into tablet territory clocked up 300,000 sales amongst early adopters with a completely unknown entity, so it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to suggest that twice as many less pioneering punters will be splashing out between $500 and $830 for the Second Coming of the genre-defining device.

The iPad is already the fastest-selling technology product in history, according to Bloomberg, and has filled Apple's coffers to the tune of more than $2 billion.

The latest iteration fixes many of the original version's apparent shortcomings, adding dual cameras, HDMI out, more memory and a vastly improved dual core ARM-designed A5 processor.

It's also thinner and lighter, retains the same 10-hour battery life, and is the same price as its predecessor.

The iPad 2 is available through the online Apple Store right now, will be hitting the shelves of a number of US retailers later today, and hits the UK on March 25th.

The poor folks at Motorola must be experiencing severe tablet envy with one report suggesting that its Xoom console is selling just two units per day in US Verizon stores.