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Apple iOS 4.3 jailbreak already in the wild

Work is well under way for a jailbreak to Apple's latest iOS release, just days after it was publicly seeded.

The hack, which first appeared in a YouTube video, is in an alpha stage because there are still some missing kernel patches, but the untethered jailbreak running on an old-school iPad appears to be the real deal.

The video isn't from any of the 'usual suspects' from the iPhone Dev Team, but almost certainly uses tools developed by established hackers who have had some time to fiddle with numerous beta releases of the mobile operating system.

iOS 4.3 runs on all iPads, iPhones back as far as the 3GS and third an fourth generation iPod Touches.

Jailbreaking iOS devices allows users to install apps and utilities not approved by Apple's often-unfathomable app approval process, and is favoured by those not willing to live within the Cupertino company's walled garden approach to software.